The Addition of Poker Putt is Set to Change PowerPutt For Good

What does poker have to do with mini-golf? Well, nothing yet, but that’s about to change in a big way.

Poker Putt is set to make its PowerPutt debut with the release of PowerPutt LIVE 2013. The goal is simple—much like the five-card game you’ve logged countless hours with—but getting the best possible hand is a different story.

Cards will be awarded for every hole-in-one, eagle, or Great Shot (aka a shot where you receive Great Shot Points). The more you hit, the more cards you earn. You can collect up to 18 cards—although this will require QUITE the round—and put together the best hand possible.

“It won’t be easy stashing large amounts of cards and you’ll have to work for big hands,” said project manager Jim Zielinski. “With that said, with a handful of solid shots and a little bit of luck, the elusive royal flush could eventually be yours.”

Once you’ve hit a pair or higher, you’ll get an animation highlighting your hand. The more cards you receive, the better your hand can get.

Not only will your hand increase—and this can go a long with in bar and friend bragging rights—but you’ll earn badges for the hands that matter. A flush and up will be recognized, and that Royal Flush Badge will certainly be the one we have our eye on.

Speaking of other things to keep an eye on, the PowerPutt LIVE 2013 trailer launches next week! Stay tuned for this and much more on the game which is rapidly approaching launch.

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