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Total Frat Move Takes on the Masters Using Their Golden Tee Home Edition

It’s Masters week, which means golf will soon consume the majority of your attention span and impact how you spend your Easter Sunday. Don’t worry, we understand.

Another group that clearly understands is the fine folks over at Total Frat Move. Yes, that is the name of their entertainment hub, which sums up what you’ll find there on a daily basis.

The Total Frat Move crew, who wrote about Golden Tee not long ago, is really gearing up for the Masters by upping the competition on their Golden Tee Home Edition situated in their headquarters.

They’ve captured this Masters-like atmosphere in their offices in a brief video, which also seems to be impacting their meetings a great deal. Wonderful stuff from them, and be sure to check out their site for more humor that appeals to your inner BRO.

Also, be sure to visit the Golden Tee Home Edition website for more information on completing your man cave.

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