2013 Design-a-Hole Contest: The Time is Now!
Get Your Dream Golf Hole in Golden Tee AND Win a Golden Tee For Your Home!

The submission period for the 2013 Design-a-Hole Contest is underway. And although the fun has just begun, it’s already abundantly clear that many have their sights set on the magnificent top prize.

Up for grabs in this year’s contest is a spot in Golden Tee 2013 and your very own Golden Tee Home Edition! Everyone is no doubt gunning for this, but that’s not the only thing that will be given away to worthy submissions. Second place will get a $500 golf bag courtesy of Club Glove and a $100 GT Gift Card, and all other finalists will receive a Golden Tee Gift Card for their solid design.

For those of you that are new to the contest, here’s the deal.

Design any par-3, par-4, or par-5. You can sketch it out, create a video, draw it up on a cocktail napkin, steal your son’s colored pencils, and do anything that you feel will help actively portray your creation in the best way possible. We’ve seen ransom notes, judged dioramas, viewed short films; the more creative your submission, the better.For those of you that are new to the contest, here’s the deal.

Once your design is complete, you can email it to Please include your name, hometown, contact number, par of the hole and, of course, the name of your design. You can also get the mailing address for your designs here.

Have you submitted a design in the past that you’d like to include in the contest again? You are more than welcome to reevaluate these designs, make slight adjustments and submit them once again. In fact, we encourage you to do so. To be included in the 2013 contest, however, you must resubmit these designs to the address below.

 The submission period will be open until April 1st, so be sure to get your designs in before then. After that, the judges will look at all the submissions, pick out the finalists, and we will share them on and the Golden Tee Facebook Page.

At this point, your feedback will be crucial in determining which design is eventually crowned champion. Once each finalists has been revealed, the judges will take your feedback, review the submissions once again and pick our Design-a-Hole winner.

Bust out the colored pencils, read up on all the contest details, and away you go! We’ll have much more on Design-a-Hole; stay tuned to!

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