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The Golden Tee 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway Code is now LIVE!

St. Patrick’s Day is a very special holiday, whether you’re Irish or not.

For one, St. Paddy’s is one of the few occasions where you can begin drinking before noon and not a single soul can judge you for it. In fact, this magnificent practice is more or less encouraged. This isn’t the only reason that we love St. Patrick’s Day, of course, but it’s certainly high up the benefits totem pole.

With the hours of bar time you will likely log between now and Saturday the 17th, and especially on the 17th, we wanted to provide you with the proper Golden Tee celebratory items.

Enter: The NEW Golden Tee St. Paddy’s Giveaway Code.

To unlock the latest item, hit the "OPTIONS" button at any point during your online game and highlight and select "GIVE AWAY CODE." From there simply type in 1703170317 (seventeen, zero, three, seventeen, zero, three, seventeen) and you will receive the special pot o’ gold for your golfer’s head. You’ve never owned a virtual clothing item quite like this.

And that’s not all. There’s an older St. Patrick’s Day giveaway code that many of you might not have either. To receive your three clothing items (including festive beer helmet) type in 07FEED0317 (a zero, a seven, FEED, zero, three, seventeen). Enter it three times to obtain the full set.

Enjoy the gear, enjoy the green beer, and Happy St. Paddy’s from Golden Tee!

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