Honoring Whitney Houston
One of Golden Tee’s finest provides the Ultimate Whitney Tribute Moment

With the tragic passing of Whitney Houston, we thought we’d honor her in a way different than you’ve seen in any other outlet.

Tampa Bay golfer Sean Gervais has a reputation for being one of the best Golden Tee players in the entire country. Gervias, however, has skills that stretch beyond the game, and once a year he shows off this talent.

Although he may not look like it, this dude can really, really sing. And on karaoke night every year at the St. Louis Open (coming in April, by the way), Gervias will sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston to the entire room. It’s an event, it’s a tradition and it’s something tournament regulars look forward to every year. It also stops the entire room from doing what they’re doing because of how truly excellent it is.

And thankfully, it’s now on YouTube. Take it away, Sean, and rest in peace, Whitney.

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