• The NIV Sweet Sixteen
    The latest Power Events GT tournament was an outstanding success once again
  • Spooktober SALE!
    Get ready for Halloween in style with our next sales bundle!
  • Important 2018 updates
    Daily Contest & Money Shot will be disabled for 2018 cabinets next week
  • Match play at NIV!
    Gold and Purple bracket matches are underway at the NIV Sweet Sixteen
  • Celebrating Sweet Sixteen
    The longest running GT tournament in history is kicking off soon!
  • Bounty Hunter
    Get a Hole-in-One on Hole 16 of Pembroke, score a $500 GT giftcard!
  • Shots of the Week - 10/1/18
    2019 shots make their SOTW debut!
  • Monday Mixup
    Welcome to Royal Dubai, all mixed up!
  • YouTube changes for 2019
    YouTube videos might look a little different with GT 2019!
  • 2019: the gift that keeps on giving
    Introducing sales bundles and playing as the man John Daly!
  • Merry GT Christmas!
    2019 is out in the wild! Here's How your guide on tracking down our 30th anniversary edition!
  • Golden Tee Launch Guide
    The end-all-be-all guide for Golden Tee 2019!
  • Taking the GT Caddy app to 2019!
    Download today's update so you are prepared for the launch of GT 2019
  • GT Christmas Eve
    GT 2019 has left our offices in IL and is now on its way to a location near you!
  • #RealTimeRival: Sandy Hazard
    Our second golfer for RTR will talk the talk even if she doesn’t always walk the walk.
  • #RealTimeRival: Duffer Dan
    He’s not a great golfer, but he’ll play for whatever you want. This bro knows no fear.
  • One week until we ship!
    GT 2019 leaves our offices in Vernon Hills next Monday!
  • Summer Swing final results!
    20 Home Edition owners battled it out over the last few weeks to reign supreme!
  • 2019 on test!
    Our pre-release locations where you can check out GT 2019 early is unleashed
  • The Champ is Here!
    Say hello to 2018 World Champ Evan Gossett, making his playable debut in GT 2019!
  • Introducing Events Mode
    We have a new playground in Golden Tee 2019 and we want you join us!
  • Say hello to the Ultra Shot!
    A new and exciting way to earn Great Shot Points in GT 2019!
  • Meet the Real Time Rivals
    Get a little taste of the players you will be up against in #RealTimeRivals mode!
  • Streaming LIVE from Cincy!
    Main Event matches from the Queen City Classic are LIVE!
  • Kicking things off in Cincy
    Power Events' 4th event of the year is underway!
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