• The Abbey Pub Tournament
    RM Vending is bringing another tournament to the Texas area this weekend!
  • Design-a-Hole 2019
    Coming soon!
  • Headin' to '97
    Our next #MarqueeMonday takes us back to the first yearly update to Golden Tee Golf!
  • Mystic Hills debut
    Our second re-imagined GT Fore! course is coming soon!
  • And So It Begins
    Golden Tee World Championship Qualifying is LIVE!
  • Here's what's at Stake!
    Announcing the World Championship prize fund
  • Qualifying for Worlds
    Prize Play qualifying kicks off on Thursday!
  • Kicking off the 2018 PEGT Tour
    Power Events kick off their 8th year in Florida!
  • Golden Tee in 3D
    Our next Marquee Monday is Golden Tee's debut in 3D!
  • Moor Mixup Mondays
    Bonnie Moor gets mixed up this coming Monday!
  • Are they driveable?
    You can answer that question during this week's Sometimes Driveable Freaky Friday!
  • The 2018 World Championship
    Qualifying starts February 1st!
  • Marquee Mondays
    We're bringing you back to 1989 for the debut of Marquee Mondays!
  • Shots of the Week!
    Here are your Shots of the Week for the week of January 8th!
  • Shots of the Year!
    After watching thousands of Great Shots in 2017, we pair it down to the top 10 shots of the year!
  • The all Par-5 special
    Your chance at -36 comes during our all par-5 Freaky Friday!
  • Fresh Start Open
    Our first Freaky Friday of the year explores the most interesting Hole 1s in LIVE history!
  • Rattlesnake Ridge
    Rattlesnake Ridge continues to dominate invite contests as Jan 1st approaches!
  • Power Event's 2018 Tour
    See all the PEGT tournament dates for the upcoming year!
  • Qualifying for the World Championship
    Get the latest update on the 2018 spectacle!
  • Crowning 2 Champions
    The Andy's reign supreme during one of Golden Tee's biggest tournament weekends of the year!
  • Announcing the GT 2018 World Championship
    We're Headed to the Orleans in Vegas to Crown a Champion Next June!
  • Special announcement tonight!
    Tune in to the Golden Tee Facebook page for a live stream of our special announcement!
  • The Gift of gift cards
    Golden Tee, Silver Strike and PowerPutt LIVE gift cards are here for the holidays
  • Rattlesnake Ridge debut
    Play all 18 Holes of Rattlesnake Ridge for the first time in over 15 years on this week's Freaky Friday!
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