Latest Patch Release and Notes - 1/15
Patch 11 arrives on Monday morning

Patch 11 for Golden Tee PGA TOUR & Legacy 2023-2024 games will be released on the morning of Monday, January 15th! 

Golden Tee 2023-2024 Patch 9

Game versions:

  • 52.05.11
  • 18.05.11
  • 18.04.11

  • Target Rush: Fixed balls not being deducted when they should in TR games 
  • Home Edition: Fixed equipment not being charged for in Daily Contest and Money Shot as well as saving purchased equipment
  • PGA TOUR: Fixed CTTP Invites crashing the game through Custom check-in
  • PGA TOUR & Live: Fixed Crash in Attract Mode after playing “Around the World” FF Casual Course. Playing any casual Freaky Friday course no longer saves replay data
Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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