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Patch 9 notes for GT PGA TOUR & LIVE 2023-2024

Patch 9 for Golden Tee PGA TOUR & Legacy 2023-2024 games will be released on the morning of Monday, December 11th! 

Golden Tee 2023-2024 Patch 9

Game versions:

  • 52.05.09
  • 18.05.09
  • 18.04.09

  • [PGATOUR] Corrected visual displays for the upcoming Season 6 and Season 7 Club Passes
  • [PGATOUR] Added PGA TOUR courses to the selection carousel in the Operator CTTP mode.
  • [PGATOUR] Corrected an issue where player names were not appearing as intended on the Course Champion screen.
  • [PGATOUR] AUS games no longer just take available currency when starting an 18 Hole Prize, and will now confirm payment method.
  • [PGATOUR] Added text description to CAN operator adjustables for 'Show Pre Game Stats' on the cabinet.
  • [PGATOUR][HOME Edition] Corrected an issue where players were sent back to attract mode when selecting "Play Again" after a Casual game of Target Rush.
  • [PGATOUR][LIVE] Corrected an issue where Freaky Casual courses could crash on the Invite carousel.
  • [PGATOUR][LIVE] Corrected small issues with two upcoming ad campaigns.
  • [PGATOUR][LIVE] Corrected an issue where leaderboards would show players from Canada and Australia as being from the United States.
  • [PGATOUR][LIVE] Added in a check to ensure a valid course ID is used if the game receives bad course data.
  • [PGATOUR][LIVE][HOME Edition] Players will now be required to purchase equipment for use in Daily Contest and the upcoming MoneyShot prize modes.
  • [PGATOUR][LIVE][HOME Edition] Removed the ability to Create A Cardless ID when Identifying for the upcoming MoneyShot prize mode.
  • [PGATOUR][LIVE][HOME Edition] Removed the ability to Create A Cardless ID when Identifying for the Daily Contest prize mode.
  • [PGATOUR][LIVE][HOME Edition] Corrected an issue where Daily Contest was not always appearing correctly on Home Edition games.
  • [LIVE] Adjusted the help text for LIVE, "Casual" to reflect game modes available in Casual on LIVE.
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