DAH Finalist #9: Choose Your Adventure
Take a look at our #9 DAH Finalist

DAH #9

It is time to announce the top ten winners for the 2025 Golden Tee Design-a-Hole contest! 

We gave you the rules, stakes, and once again the submissions were creative and plentiful!  

Starting today and for the next ten days, we will showcase a new hole each day!

We want you to post your feedback on all finalists on the Golden Tee's social media channels.

What do you like about a design? What do you love? What would you do differently? 

 2025 Design-a-Hole Winner #9 Choose Your Adventure by Joe Dellinger

Aaron takes home a prize pack consisting of Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Yellow & Black Golf Balls, Callaway Tour Towel, & $50 GT Gift Card!


Player can attempt to hit green from tee off but thick tall trees block an easy shot sending the ball back into the water.  Possible Hole-in-One or even Eagle for daring players willing to take the risk.

Or, Player can go left or right fairway…

Left fairway slopes downward starting at 100ft elevation going down to 10ft on the far end.  Trees on the left side of the green make attempts to hit the green from here possible but not easy. 

Right fairway slopes upward staring at 100ft elevation going up to 200ft on the far end.  Trees on the right side of the green make attempts to hit the green from here possible but potentially sending the players ball back into the water.

The green is surrounded by trees on the East, South, and West ends.  While the hole sits high on the green (yellow x) players going the right fairway can attempt to shoot over or through moderately dense trees.  Players shouldn’t shoot too far over as the green slopes down from east to west pretty steeply making backspin draw the ball a short distance.  Possible chance of Eagle on hole-out or Birdie opportunity.  Players going the left fairway can also attempt to clear the moderately dense trees on the west side of the green.  If shot far enough down the left fairway, a player could attempt to shoot back at the clear side of the green possibly with a bit of curve, however the player needs to account for shooting from a low 10-ish ft elevation  up to a 120 - 150 ft elevation of the green… plus they are shoot toward the narrower end of the green at an upward slope. Again, possible chance of Eagle on hole-out, or a Birdie opportunity.

Alternately, Player can lay up on the far end fairway for an easier shot back at the green.  The far end fairway is too far to reach from the green so a player could only reach this on a minimum of 2 shots.   Attempts to reach the far end fairway without over or undershooting it may be easier from the right fairway as it sits at a similar elevation as the far end of the right fairway.  Possible Birdie on hole-out, or Par opportunity.



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