GT Mobile Campaign & Game Updates
A breakdown of the most recent game update!

The latest Golden Tee Mobile Update will be ready for download today. Here are the highlights:

Campaign Section Overhaul:

We've made major improvements to the campaign section for a smoother, more enjoyable experience:

New Visuals: We have removed the multiple screens and course stores. The campaign section now offers a streamlined, all-in-one view of all available courses.

Free Play: We have removed silver coin charges for replays of the three original courses.

Freedom of Play: We have removed the restrictions on the order of holes and difficulty. Original courses are now fully unlocked, allowing you to play them in any order you desire.

Try Before You Buy: You can now play the first 3 holes of courses you do not own to see if they're worth adding to your collection. Please note that we have removed the ability to purchase 9-hole rounds with gold instead of 18. If you want more courses, then these purchases are what make them happen.

Other Updates:

New Course Code: You’ll need this update for the next new course, coming November 13th.

Course Sponsorships: We're looking for new sponsors to support the World Championships. Keep an eye out for branding tests, and please share your suggestions and feedback on this feature.

Enhanced Performance: We've updated multiple libraries to ensure Golden Tee Mobile runs smoothly on new devices and remains in compliance with the most stringent privacy regulations to protect your data.

Bug Fixes: Nothing big to report here, but some minor tweaks and improvements in various places.

We have more updates in the pipeline. Stay tuned for further details on them and keep an eye out for the latest information about the 2024 World Championships which should be coming soon!

Download Golden Tee Mobile for free on Apple & Android devices today!


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