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Patch notes for GT PGA TOUR & LIVE 2023-2024

Patch 6 for Golden Tee PGA TOUR & Legacy 2023-2024 games will be released on the morning of Monday, October 9th! 

Check out the notes below!

Golden Tee 2023-2024 Patch 6

Game versions:

  • 52.05.06
  • 18.05.06
  • 18.04.06

[PGA TOUR][Club Pass] Corrected an issue where Club Pass experience was visually resetting between holes.
[PGA TOUR][Target Rush] Added an automatic timeout on the Target Rush "Ready Up" screen.
[PGA TOUR][Target Rush] Removed score display exciter during Target Rush gameplay.
[PGA TOUR][Target Rush] Added player rotation to multiplayer Target Rush games.
[PGA TOUR][Target Rush] Corrected an issue with Target Rush UI components appearing in other game modes.
[PGA TOUR][Target Rush] Corrected an issue with Target Rush Casual requesting Check-In on games set to Free Play.
[PGA TOUR][Locked Conditions] Corrected an issue that could cause a valid Locked Condition code to fail.
[PGA TOUR][Invites] Corrected an issue where 18 Hole Invite games were incorrectly ending after 9 holes.
[PGA TOUR][CTTP Invite] Removed TPC courses to support PGA TOUR and LIVE cross play.
[PGA TOUR][CTTP Invite] Changed the cost of CTTP Invite games to $1.00.
[PGA TOUR][Home Edition][Events] Corrected an issue where the Events selection was displaying incorrect help text.
[PGA TOUR][AUS] Adjustments to the Australian Operator Adjustables system.
[LIVE][Skins] Corrected an issue where elements of the Skins mode UI were appearing in other non-related modes.
[LIVE] Updated HUD icons for LIVE Build A Bag sets.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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