GT Contest Resets - Monday, 7/31
Set your alarms for 7AM CT Monday morning!

Only 3 more days, players!

With GT PGA TOUR 2023-2024 updates being launched at 7am CT Monday morning, there will be a server outage from 6:30 AM-7:30 AM and the following course contests will be rolled back and closed at 10am CT

  • All Prize Play Contests and Glory and Prize Invites on:
    • Petra
    • Norddalen
    • Nihon Yoru
    • Hollywood Hills
    • Easter Island
    • Monte Zeballos
    • Hidden Temple
    • Forest Knoll
    • Baja Ria
    • Anse Coco
    • Oakwood Hills
    • Lake Powell
    • Jamaica Bay
    • Grand Teton
    • Dodge City
    • Sandhill Woods
    • Pembroke Links
    • Catedrais Beach
    • Beals Creek
    • Agave Ranch
    • Safari Dunes
    • Royal Dubai
    • Rhineland
    • Mayfield
    • Calypso Key
  • All CTTP contests

Both GT 2022 and GT 2023 are changing over to set A for tees, which is why contests will be reset.

Check out the trailer for the Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023-2024 update coming to Commercial games in FIVE DAYS on MONDAY, JULY 31st!

It's time to get excited, friends. This is the MOST STACKED GT UPDATE EVER!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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