Quick & Custom Check-In Coming to PGA TOUR
Get into YOUR game FASTER with Quick & Custom Check-In!

Get to your tee time faster with Quick & Custom Check-In, coming to Golden Tee PGA TOUR GT PGA TOUR Caddy in the 2023/2024 update!

Modern life is hectic, and sometimes we just don't have enough time to enjoy the things we love most. Do you like to sneak a round in on your lunch break, or on the way home from a grocery store run? Heck, maybe you'd just like to maximize your play time when you find the time. Quick & Custom Check-In, a new quality-of-life feature coming to Golden Tee PGA TOUR, will help YOU get the most out of YOUR GT time!

Let's break it down, friends.

With the Quick Check-In feature in the updated GT PGA TOUR Caddy, your favorite GT mode is just an NFC tap away! Simply set your Quick Selection in the Caddy, then tap your device to check-in for immediate access to your favorite mode of play!

Custom Check-In expands on this functionality, allowing players to set a custom carousel of GT Game Modes! Set your Custom Selections in the Caddy, then tap the NFC device on a Golden Tee PGA TOUR game to access your custom carousel of options!

We'll have more to share about this (and many more) exciting new features coming to Golden Tee PGA TOUR GT PGA TOUR Caddy in the 2023/2024 update, so stay tuned, friends!

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