Golden Tee March Mania!
Vote for your favorite courses in a bracketed battle!

Vote for your favorite GT courses in a bracketed battle for the title of BEST GT COURSE EVER during Golden Tee MARCH MANIA!

The madness kicks off March 21st at 8:00PM CST with the 64 most popular GT courses going toe-to-toe. Votes will be tallied every 48 hours at 8:00PM CST on the following dates: March 23rd, March 25th, March 27th, March 29th, March 31st, and April 2nd.

When the voting ends on April 2nd, we'll crown our course champion AND giveaway a $100 GT Gift Card to five (5) random participants!

Get ready to vote, friends, it's Golden Tee MARCH MANIA!


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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