Blackout Wednesday Contests
Over $5,000 in Daily Contest and Money Shot prizes!

Blackout Wednesday

We are only a few short days away from Thanksgiving and we know that you, just like all of us, are excited to chow down on some fresh holiday turkey!

BUT, in the meantime, we have another very special Blackout Wednesday Daily Contest and Money Shot set up for you this coming Wednesday!

First up is our Blackout Wednesday Daily Contest.  This will be played like a Freaky Friday, except it's Wednesday, and the course is a high-scoring Break the Scoreboard on GT 2022 courses.  This contest has $3,000 in prizes on the line!

Then, we have our Blackout Wednesday Money Shot contest with a $2,500 prize pool.  The prize for first place in this contest is a hefty $1,250!  That could definitely help with the Black Friday Holiday shopping that is bound to come up quick!

So make sure your out of office reply is on, make sure you have a safe way to get home this coming Wednesday and prepare for two massive contests where over $5,500 will be on the line!!

Find a GT LIVE or GT PGA TOUR 2022 game near you to play in these exciting contests!

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