#GoldenTee PGA TOUR 2022 Course Trailer Debut!
TEN new courses are coming to GT PGA TOUR 2022!

Check out TEN courses coming to Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2022 in this brand new trailer!

That's THREE additional real PGA TOUR courses, FIVE brand-new original GT courses, and TWO remastered GT classics, including:

- PGA TOUR Courses -

          ⛳ TPC Potomac

          ⛳ TPC Scottsdale

          ⛳ TPC Louisiana

- BRAND NEW GT Courses -

          ⛳ Easter Island

          ⛳ Nihon Yoru

          ⛳ Petra

          ⛳ Hollywood Hills

          ⛳ Norddalen

- Remastered GT Courses -

          ⛳ Eagle's Peak

          ⛳ Champ '99

Players can tee off on fresh GT links beginning May 17th, with the launch of the Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2022 update! Additional courses, modes, and more will continue to arrive on 2022 games with new content releases scheduled ALL YEAR LONG!

Golden Tee Live 2022
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