Big Payout Money Shot
$1,500 prize pool with a $750 top prize this Friday!

Money Shot

After implementing some changes to the Money Shot contests last month, top prizes have been getting bigger and bigger.  We're now making the stakes even greater for this Friday, August 6th's contest.  A $1,500 prize pool and a $750 top prize to the winner!

For $1, you get to take three different cracks at a GT LIVE Par 3 that may look all too familiar minus one key point; there is no cup for the ball to drop to.

All it takes is one simple shot resting against the pin in Money Shot for your wallet to become much fatter. 

You can use that money won to play more prize play games, customize your golfer, build the custom bag and ball that you see the pros play or even cash out your winnings for a check cut by Incredible Technologies!

Visit to find an eligible GT 2021 arcade game near you.  Money Shot contest is not available in all states.

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