$250 Gift Card - Shot of the Week
We are giving out a $250 GT gift card to the top shot of the week!

A whole bunch going on in the Golden Tee community right now. The 2021 courses have been released with five brand new courses! With those new courses, the bounty holes gift card pool is $1,400+ of winnings. In the mobile GT community, Fight Club, a new tournament has begun! With all of that going on, we are also giving away a $250 gift card to the player who hits the top shot of the week!

The new courses open up for all kinds of new HIOs, cacti bounce shots, major distance shots, and a whole bunch more. Be sure to message us your top shot on the 2021 courses to any of our social media networks to enter. You can also join and post it in the Golden Tee Fan Facebook group to enter.

Golden Tee Live 2021
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