575 Yards of Pure Excitement
Another bounty hole ALMOST aced!

We knew that the amazing elevation changes brought to you by Golden Tee 2021's Monte Zeballos would bring us amazing YouTube shots, but I don't know if any of us could really have predicted what happened below.

2018 Golden Tee World Champion Evan Gossett was so, so close to another major accomplishment in his illustrious GT career with this so-close-why-didn't-you-drop-in-the-cup shot, but he still amassed one of the longest, if not thee longest drives, in Golden Tee history at 575 Yards.  Let's repeat that...FIVE HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE YARDS.  That's nearly six football fields!

With a massive $500 gift card bounty on the line for this hole and the proof that it is definitely doable, who will be the one to truly make Golden Tee history with the longest, and probably most ridiculous, ace in GT history?

Golden Tee Live 2022
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