Design-a-Hole 2021: And the winner is...
The first and second place finalists for the Design-a-Hole Contest are revealed!

Before we give out the final two prizes, we want to thank everyone one more time who took the time to design, draw, and build a custom hole for Golden Tee 2021! It was a bit different this year crowning the winner via Zoom meetings but the whole team had a blast!

Next, we would want to congratulate The Hammer, Aloha Beaches, Beach Mountain, The Peninsula​, Death Knell​, and Zig-Zag for making the top 10 designs! They will all receive Chrome Soft 2020 golf balls and $50 GT GC. We've changed it up a bit more this year by announcing the top four winners instead of a top three. This year's fourth-place winner is The Bluff, designed by Matthew Pfannenschmidt and will win an Odyssey Triple Track Stroke Lab Ten Putter, Chrome Soft 2020 golf balls, and a $75 GT GC The third-place winner for Design-a-Hole 2021 is Donut Cliff, designed by Mark Alberts will win a Mavrik 3W, Chrome Soft 2020 golf balls, and a $125 GT GC!

This first-place winner is Desert Oasis, designed by Brian Bobula! His design will be featured in Golden Tee 2021 and win his very own Golden Tee Home Edition!

This year's second-place winner is Giraffe, designed by Nicholas Noftz! His design might not be in Golden Tee 2021 or get his own home edition but Mark will win a Mavrik Driver, Chrome Soft 2020 golf balls, and a $150 GT GC!

We will continue this week by announcing the first-place this Friday! Stay tuned!

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