Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 2: Death Knell​
The top 10 Design-a-Hole finalists are in! Check out the latest design!

Get to know Alan Phillips' Death Knell par 5 with a distance of 610 yards!

It is time for the top ten finalists for the Golden Tee Design-a-Hole 2021 contest! We gave you the rules, theme, stakes, and the fans did not disappoint! We sifted through over 225 submissions of all sorts of creative holes. The Golden Tee community deserves a "golf clap" for their help and determination to create the newest hole for Golden Tee 2021! The holes ranged from eye-opening designs to some peculiar ones to even a par six!

The ten finalists have a range of holes that we know the players are going to love regardless of which one wins! Starting today and for the next ten days, we will showcase a new hole each day!

We want you to post your feedback on all finalists on the Golden Tee's social media channels.

What do you like about a design? What do you love? What would you do differently?

While course designer Jim Zielinski will ultimately have the final say, we will take all feedback and use it in one final judges meeting to determine a top three and eventually a winner.

You can also read all about how the Design-a-hole works, the prizes, which include a Golden Tee Home Edition & Callaway Golf Clubs, and more here.

Let's get into it!

The second finalist lan Phillips​' Death Knell​ Par 5 - 610 yards!

I present to you Death Knell. A long par 5 with an alternate tee box for a shorter look. Flat narrow fairway, with a steep sloping rough area to punish long shots. 7 trees in the rough. Elevations can be adjusted but the numbers are approximate elevations. The rocks should be approx. the same level as the green with lucky bounce opportunities on to the green. Green should slope downhill slightly away from the player. The line drawn does not represent a real drivable shot but just a measurement line to illustrate the distance for 610 yards. That line should measure 610. The shorter tee box should be more of an uphill look, whereas the long one should be flatter. The green is approx. 2’ above the water on a stone platform that has soil and grass added.​ Same for the long tee box in the water. If possible, no fringes (1st cut) on the fairway (I think the course that houses this hole should have that as a featured design (no 1st cut on fairways).​

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