Design-a-Hole 2021: Fourth Place
The fourth-place finalist for the Design-a-Hole Contest is revealed!

Before we start giving out the big prizes this week, we want to thank everyone who took the time to design, draw, and build a custom hole for Golden Tee 2021! It was a bit different this year crowning the winner via Zoom meetings but the whole team had a blast!

Next, we would want to congratulate The Hammer, Aloha Beaches, Beach Mountain, The Peninsula​, Death Knell​, and Zig-Zag for making the top 10 designs! They will all receive Chrome Soft 2020 golf balls and $50 GT GC.

We've changed it up a bit more this year by announcing the top four winners instead of a top three. This year's fourth-place winner is The Bluff, designed by Matthew Pfannenschmidt!

His design might not be in Golden Tee 2021 or get his own home edition but Matthew will win an Odyssey Triple Track Stroke Lab Ten Putter, Chrome Soft 2020 golf balls, and a $75 GT GC!

We will continue this week by announcing the third-place winner tomorrow and first-place on Friday! Stay tuned!


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