Week 1 of Worlds Commercial Qualifying
Qualify begins for the 2020 World Championship at The Orleans in Las Vegas on June 12-14!

The qualifying for the 2020 Golden Tee World Championship is beginning! For the next 12 weeks, commercial events will determine who qualifies for 60 spots of the Golden Tee World Championship! Each week the top five players with the best total scores over their five best games will qualify. Not only will they qualify for 2020 Worlds but they will also earn some hefty prize money! like the years before, if a player already qualified for Worlds and is in the top 5 then the next player who doesn't have a Worlds spot will get in.

Week 1 Qualifying Winners:


  • $8,600 prize pool
  • 5 World Championship Spots
  • $1,000 1st place prize
  • 300 spots paid

Commercial events are not the only way to qualify for the 88 spots up for grab! You can find out other ways to qualify for the Golden Tee 2020 World Championship here.

Find-a-Game near you and start playing for your chance to win cash prizes and to qualify for the World Championship!

Watch Adam Kramer give you a 6-hole preview while he discusses qualifying and a few more gems about upcoming projects for Golden Tee!

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