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Now on Spotify

The tunes behind the game have been an instrumental (ha, get it?) part of Golden Tee since the original Golden Tee Golf came out in 1989.

Whether it was the 8 bit drums from the original GTG, the upbeat horns from GT 3D Golf or the distinct sounds of Fore! coming from the 2000s, music has always added to their experience of Golden Tee.

In more recent years, you've heard classic course-specific tunes like the relaxing sounds from Volcano Palms, the catchy "I hit a hole-in-one" lyrics from Rhineland and the deep Southern twang of Agave Ranch.

Now you can hear any of these songs through Golden Tee's new Spotify channel!  We're going deep in the archives to bring you new content a few times a month, but so far we have 7 different years of GT soundtracks available for you to listen to at any time you want!

Visit to follow our artist page and crank those tunes!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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