Putter-a-Day: Axe-Kicker
Our putter-a-day series returns with the last set of putters for GT 2019!

18. New. Putters. 

Yes, you've read that correctly.  Golden Tee 2019 is adding 18 Custom Putters to the collection, giving you 42 different custom putter options!

All 18 new putters will be available for purchase in the GT Caddy, which is available on both Apple and Android devices. (If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, now is the time.)

Once again, we’re highlighting the new additions one at a time as we inch closer to the launch of Golden Tee 2019 in late September. New to this year, the custom putters come with a multiple distinct sounds each time you hit your golf ball!

Pretend like you're Paul Bunyan and kick some axe with our next putter!

Say hello to the Axe-Kicker, our axe putter for GT 2019, coming in late September!

Putter-a-Day: Kick Axe

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