Design-a-Hole Finalist No. 2: Clear Mound Creek
Our second finalist is a potentially drive-able Par 4!

DAH 2019: Clear Mound Creek

And so we continue onward with our Design-a-Hole finalists, jumping from a straight-forward par 5 to a drive-able par 4.

But before we get to our second of 10 Design-a-Hole finalists, let’s go over the process.

One of the 10 designs that will be showcased over the course of 10 days—Monday thru Friday over the next two weeks—will become a playable hole in Golden Tee 2019. This winner will also receive their very own Golden Tee Home Edition. The stakes are high for those still left, and now they (well, we) need your help.

We want you to post your feedback on all finalists on the Golden Tee social channels. What do you like about a design? What do you love? What would you do differently?

While course designer Jim Zielinski will ultimately have the final say, we will take all feedback and use it in one final judges meeting to determine a top three and eventually a winner. So let’s proceed with our second finalist.

Here is "Clear Mound Creek," a driveable par-4 from Rob Marcum. Click the image to enlarge

DAH 2019: Clear Mound Creek

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