Monday Mix-Up is LIVE!
Our First Monday Daily Contest Scrambler is Off and Running!

A new chapter of the Daily Contest is underway. Monday Mix Up is live and will be each and every Monday moving forward—providing a unique 18-hole experience you can only find on that specific day.

For those familiar with the lovable craze that is Freaky Friday, this should be somewhat familiar. Each Monday we will take a different course and scramble it up—putting holes in unique locations with unique winds.

The rhythm of the round will be different. Some days Hole 1 will be Hole 18. Others it will be somewhere in the middle. Part of the fun is the unknown, which will be the case each and every Monday. And it won’t just be Golden Tee 2018, either. We will be mixing up the whole lineup of Golden Tee LIVE courses in time.

So be sure to check out the Daily Contest each and every Monday to see the day’s mix up.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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