Golden Tee 2018 Ships Day! Let Us Celebrate!

Today is that day. Today is……...drumroll please…GOLDEN TEE 2018 SHIP DAY.

What does that mean beyond every joyful thing in human existence, you ask? Well, for starters, everything.

On this day, a record number of Golden Tee updates will begin shipping from our Illinois headquarters to bars and locations around the country. Starting on Tuesday and through the rest of this week, the 2018 updates will be showing up at locations near you.

To see where and when they are updated, be sure to use Find-a-Game or, better yet, download the GT Caddy app and check the updated Find a Game locations from your phone.

Oh, we still have so much to discuss, and we will. The Caddy, the features, the additions and more, will be your hub for all things 2018 all week long.


But as is tradition, we first must celebrate this day—SHIP DAY—in gif form.


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