All Mixed Up
From the Makers of Freaky Fridays Come Monday Mix Ups, Debuting This Fall

It is no secret that you love Freaky Fridays. We love you for loving Freaky Fridays, which is precisely why they will live on in Golden Tee 2018—perhaps getting even weirder and more score-ier™ along the way. But come next update, the same theme and uniqueness that comes with Freaky Friday—the core of the feature itself, variety—will find its way onto another day during the week.

We call it Monday Mix-Up, and the name says it all, really. These events will occur on, you guessed it, Mondays. And like its weird uncle Freaky Fridays, it will happen on the Daily Contest.

The idea here is simple although the experience will be vastly different: each Monday, we will take one of the many LIVE courses on the game and jumble it up. Some days we will throw it against the wall and put it back in whatever random pieces we please. Others we might go completely backwards—starting at Hole 18 out of the games and playing backward to Hole 1. We’ll group all the par-3s together in some instances. We’ll showcase all the water holes first. We will get completely and utterly weird with this, although we will do so with a single course.

Each and every Monday will be something new, even if the course isn’t. The pacing will change, as will the difficulty. The overall experience will be packaged differently to create something not fully freaky but very much different.

This fall, we are mixing it up. We are adding another night of Daily intrigue. You will want to see what Mondays look like; they will never be the same.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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