Lookin' Damn Good
As We Prepare For Course Trailers Next Week, Some New Shots of 2018!

On Monday, you will see them in action. A staple of our yearly tease session is coming—the Golden Tee 2018 course trailers.

All next week, you will see these new Jim Zielinski gems come to life. We’ve shown you images—including a few more below—given you names and locations and morsels here and there. But come Monday, and throughout the week, you will see them in action.

We promise you’re going to love what you see. From our first-ever night course to an Iowa park district (crap fairways and all, which we promise are intentional), the next year of Golden Tee will come more into focus.

In the meantime, as the courses come closer to completion, we wanted to show some updates images of the courses.

Ah, we’re getting closer, friends.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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