The GT 2017 Holiday Giveaway Code
Here's a Gift From Us to You; a Hat For Your Golfer to Wear These Next Few Weeks

Consider this a small, festive gift from your friends at Golden Tee—a way for you to look the part this holiday season.

Yes, our latest Holiday Giveaway Code is LIVE in Golden Tee 2017. The ability to unlock this special holiday headwear item—your chance to dress your golfer like an elf, just what you’ve always wanted—has arrived.

You’ve always wanted this, yes?

To unlock this item, play a LIVE game on any Golden Tee 2017 cabinet. Hit the Options button and select “Giveaway Code.”

From there, put in the following number: 5112252016

Once you do that, the hat is yours. Throw it on and spend the next few weeks golfing in the appropriate, holiday gear.


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