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Golden Tee Home Edition Owners, Don't Miss This Player Invitationals Tutorial

It’s a whole new game, and this is not meant to be some sort of elaborate marketing spin. Well, maybe it is. But the Golden Tee 2017 Home Edition, equipped with Invitationals, will change the way you play.

For those who have purchased a game or are thinking about making the plunge, you now have the ability to compete in private contests for cash and/or bragging rights from the home.

This is a notable development, and one that will absolutely change your playing habits. To help you maximize this development, we’ve put together some handy tips on Invitationals.


First, Download the GT Caddy App

This part is critical. You need this.

The GT Caddy, available for Apple and Android devices, is the catalyst of Invitationals and the place you get started. Click that link, friends.

We even put together a handy video to show you how.


Second, You Gotta Have Friends

You can play anyone. Friends, strangers, bar buddies, home buddies, whomever. But in order to compete and Invitational contests, you need to connect with them through the app.

Want to make more friends? Check out the Golden Tee Home Edition Owners Facebook Page and interact with fellow GT Home owners.

Meet people, ask questions and create your own individual contests.


Third, Create a Contest

It’s not hard. That being said, you have complete control of where you play, when you play, who you play, what you play for and how often you play for it.

You can also play others with your handicap—a perfect way to level the playing field.

Once again, we have you covered here as well. Checkout our video on how to setup your own contest.


Fourth, Enjoy

Here’s the beauty of this. You can play the pace you like. Coordinate 100 Invitational contests, or test the waters with one. Then you can have the contests reoccur so we do the work for you.

You have these abilities now, which is a beautiful thing. And you have a game—or should—which means you’re just a few phone screens away from doing it all yourself.

Visit for much more on the Golden Tee Home Edition—including info on our Holiday Sale—and download the app today.


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