Kickin' It Ol' School
Our Great Retro Scramble Freaky Friday is LIVE on the Daily Contest

Retro is fun. Retro is different. Retro is, as it turns out, scoreable.

That’s today’s Freaky Friday theme. For one day, you can play some of the best courses that the original LIVE has to offer, all in one spot. Just visit your local watering hole, grab a beer (it is Friday, after all) and play the Daily Contest—the feature in which Freaky Friday is housed.

You’ll be thrown onto an all-2005 course, which will be new to some and a flashback for others. Either way, you’ve never played this course before.

And making matters better, the opportunity to drop an enormous score is there. And because you can play as many games as you please on the same conditions, it’s REALLY there.

Plus, the prize pool for this event is $4,000! First place is more than $350. Heck, even 300th place will walk away with almost $4. You have until might central on Friday night to play.

So don’t wait. Go play for cash on a course that was created for this one day. Enjoy our special throwback Freaky Friday, and tune in on Monday to see what course we’re headed to next. 


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