Live from Eagle Crest!
The Daily Contest Throwback Thursday Goes Presidential!

The scores will not be as absurd as they sometimes are. But the competition will be outstanding and the trip around Washington D.C. will no doubt serve you well.

This week’s Daily Contest Throwback Thursday stop is none other than Eagle Crest—a place of notable landmarks, fascinating shortcuts and patriotic Golden Tee.

To enjoy the sights and scenes of this vintage gem, play the Daily Contest anytime between now and midnight central. You can play as many games as you please on the same exact setup—honing in on winds and pins. Only your best score will count.

The top 400 finishers will walk away winners, per usual. The following week, we will do it all over again in a new location.

And don’t miss our special $1,000 Money $hot event this Monday!


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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