Introducing the "Grand" Finale
We're Adding $1,000 to the Money $hot Prize Pool on Tuesday, July 5!

Once all the fireworks have been lit, hopefully most with hands still intact, the “Grand” Finale will begin.

In honor of our nation’s holiday, we’re offering up monster prizes in a special Money $hot event. On Tuesday, July 5, we’re adding $1,000 to the Money $hot prize pool. Now you see why we called it the “Grand” Finale, yes?

The normal $800 prize pool will soar to $1,800. The top prize will start well over $250!

Oh, but neither will end there. The more play that comes in, the more it will grow. And grow. And grow. By the time Tuesday ends, we could be looking at some spectacular payouts, especially at the top.

All you have to do to be included in fun is play. The cost of entry is a buck in Money $hot, and perhaps that’s all it will take. Maybe you’ll get it closest to the pin on your first shot and that will be that. But even if it doesn’t come that early, you can still play again and again.

Play as many games of Money $hot as you please between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on July 5. Your best shot will count, and the top 300 players at the end of the event will walk away with a cash prize.

The end of the fireworks doesn’t mark the end. In many ways, it’s only the beginning.

Don’t miss out on the biggest Money $hot extravaganza we have ever had. The “Grand” Finale approaches.

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