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Want to See a 516-Yard Drive? Of Course You Do! Plus, Highlighting the Longest Drive Ever

It took a little digging, although we unearthed the longest drive in Golden Tee LIVE history.

We’ll get there in a moment, but for now let us celebrate one of the longest Golden Tee shots ever YouTubed.

It comes to us from Hole 8 on Heather Pointe, one of the original LIVE creations. The fairway, as you’ll be able to tell from the video, unquestionably plays a role in sending this ball forward. And forward. And forward.

And it keeps going. The end result is a 516-yard drive.

Where does this drive stand in the all-time record book? It’s close to the top, but it just barely missed the Top 10.

There have been 11 shots over 530 yards since 2005. The longest drive, according to archives, is actually much longer than that.  It came on the front nine of Summit Lakes back in 2008. It was here that a 561-yard drive—FIVE-SIXTY-ONE—was drilled.

If you are able to hit a drive longer than that, YouTube it and send it to us. We will send you a prize to be determined, honor you on the internet and maybe even sing a song about your achievement for the world to see.

Happy hitting.


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