LIVE From Grizzly Flats!
Today’s Daily Contest Throwback Thursday is Operational!

You cannot outrun a bear, no matter what the Internet tells you. So if you happen to encounter this massive beast while enjoying a Thursday of Golden Tee, do not attempt to simply run away because a) your finest running days are behind you and b) dude, it’s a bear.

Instead, hopefully you avoid the bears entirely on Grizzly Flats—our hangout for the day on the Daily Contest.

Between now and midnight, you can play the Daily Contest as many times as you please. Hone in on winds and pins, master setups, do whatever necessary to crack the top 400. That’s who will walk victorious.

The next week? We shall do the whole thing over again in a new daily spot—one that will take us way, way back in time. Be here on Monday to find out where!


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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