Warming Up
Our Next Classic Course of the Week Stop is None Other Than Bonnie Moor

The Classic Course of the Week caravan carries onward. While Kangaroo Trail will serve as your temporary home through Sunday, it will be handing the baton off to…

Wait for it…

One more time…

Bonnie Moor.

Yes, one of the most cherished LIVE courses ever created will take center stage next Monday. For seven days, you will then be able to play Bonnie Moor in normal 50-man Prize Play contests.

To access Bonnie, all you have to do is head to your Golden Tee 2016 cabinet, select the Prizes option and look at the course selection screen. You’ll notice that the 2016 courses now have company. It's just like your normal routine, but with a twist.

Come the following Monday, we will move to a new location and do the whole thing over again. And then the following Monday, we will do the same. This will become our normal routine until 2017 hits, so kick back and relax on some vintage gems for a while.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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