Introducing Tax Day Daily
Our Next Special Daily Contest Event is Coming April 15!

The latest and greatest in a lovely string of special events is less than two weeks away. After celebrating the joys of Money $hot on April 1, we’re moving our caravan back to the Daily Contest for a day that gauges audible gasps and, on occasion, sizable cheers for those getting some love from Uncle Sam.

We’re hosting the Tax Day Daily—a special $500 added Daily Contest event that will be played on Friday, April 15.

Sure, they moved Tax Day this year to April 18. But in our hearts, it will always be April 15. Hopefully you’re not cutting it this close, and we’re celebrating as such.

The course of choice will be none other than lovely Sunny Wood Golf Club. Given the calendar day, it seems like the ideal moment to take the kids (You) to a theme park and play some golf between coasters.

The added $500 will push the starting prize pool from $1,100 to $1,600, although it likely won’t stop there. As more play comes in, the prize pool will grow. For those who participated in the Money $hot event on April 1, you saw just what this was capable of.

When it’s all said and done—and more specifically, once 12:01 a.m. central time on April 16 hits—the top 400 players will walk away winners. In that 24-hour stretch, however, you will be able to play the Daily as many times as you please.

There are no height requirements to jump on this ride. And although Tax Day means something different to all of us—I can hear you cursing under your breath from here—it doesn’t have to be all bad.

In fact, this part is quite good. See you on April 15.


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