Classic Course of the Week Returns Next Monday!
Play Your Favorite Vintage LIVE Creations in Prize Play, Starting April 4!

A new, old era of Prize Play is near.

Confused by the statement above? Allow us to elaborate. Classic Course of the Week is coming to Golden Tee 2016 next Monday, April 4, which will give you the opportunity to play some of the most celebrated LIVE courses ever created in 50-man contests.

The feature, which debuted last year, is getting a vintage infusion. Each Monday, a new (well, old) course will be added to the traditional course screen for those playing Prize Play games. It will look and feel just like a 2016 option, until it changes the following week for a new (old) course.

Games will open and close EXACTLY like they do in normal prize play. The payouts for these 50-man contests will be the same as well.

The only difference is you’ll get a crack at these classics in a more competitive format. And to kick off this fantastic feature, we’re going way, way back in our time machine.

Our first Classic Course of the Week stop will be the magnificent Kangaroo Trail—an original LIVE creation. You’ll be able to play Kangaroo for a week, starting on Monday, before it gives way for something new.

We will do this weekly dance until 2017 launches, which means we have might as well get comfortable.

Looking for something new? Looking for something old? Classic Course of the Week has the perfect combination, and it all starts on Monday.

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