The Year by The Numbers
A Look Back at the Incredible Golden Tee Totals Amassed in 2015

The start of a New Year is a time for reflection. It is a time to look ahead at the treasures to come but also look back at the amazing things that were accomplished.

In the world of Golden Tee, 2016 promises to be grand in nature. A world champion will be crowned; other major tournaments will be decided; and an unbelievable amount of trackballs will be spun each and every minute of the day.

That’s a perfect transition to one of my favorite pieces of the year. Instead of telling you about the accomplishments, we can actually show you some of the unbelievable totals that were accumulated in 2015.

We’ll get to the full list shortly, but here are a few of the notable jumps. In 2014, we saw 200,425 holes-in-one. That number spiked to 255,175 in 2015. Double eagles made an enormous leap from 92,189 to 151,661 in 2015. (Thank you, drivable par-5!)

As for a look at some of the other fun numbers, here they are. Thank you once again for a magical year.

255,175 Holes-In-One

151,661 Double Eagles

19,011,504 Eagles

55,850,919 Birdies

47,173,580,412 Great Shot Points                  

20,913,638,838 Golden Tee Points

6,435,279 Games Played (Or one every 9 seconds)

639,242 Daily Contest Games Played

214,041 Money Shot Games Played

41,882,270,312 Feet in Total Tee Shot Distance (7,742,854.41 miles or 16.2 round trips to the moon)

Thank you for your dedicated play and your tremendous efforts.

You did good. You did real, real good. Here’s to another fabulous year.

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