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World Championship Qualifying is a Little More Than a Week Away; Plus Throwback Thursday Returns!

On November 2, the Daily Contest will resume normal operation. The 2016 courses will be added into the mix, and Throwback Thursdays will make their triumphant return on, well, Thursdays.

50 Days of Golden Tee will have completed its cycle, giving way for something magnificent in size. Although the Daily Contest will resume normal operation in structure; Nov. 2 will be anything but normal. On this same day, qualifying for the Golden Tee World Championship will begin.

The Daily, for those new to this drill, will serve as the qualifying medium for 30 players. Two players will earn access to the March live event by winning tournaments this year. Mark Stenmark’s victory at Club Lucky’s TOC marked the first. The winner of Power Events’ POTY of the Year tournament will gobble up another spot.

The remaining 30 spots will be awarded to the players with the most Golden Tee World Championship Points after January 15. These points will be handed out each day based on the finish of the Daily Contest.

The point system for the qualifier that will run between November 2 and January 15 can be found below.

1st Place: 100 points

2nd Place: 80 points

3rd Place: 70 points

4th Place: 60 points

5th Place: 50 points

6th to 10th Place: 40 points

11th to 20th Place: 30 points

21st to 30th Place: 25 points

31st to 50th Place: 20 points

51st to 75th Place: 15 points

76th to 100th Place: 10 points

101st to 200th Place: 5 points

201st to 300th Place: 3 points

301st to 400th Place: 2 points

401st to 500th Place: 1 point

As for the upcoming schedule, we have news on this front as well. While the 2016 courses will be the main attraction for the foreseeable future, Throwback Thursdays will also kick back into gear, starting November 5.

And, just like last year, we will also be doing a special Daily Contest event the night before Thanksgiving—appropriately titled Blackout Wednesday. Here are some of the notable Daily stops coming up.

November 5 – Whispering Valley, 2005

November 12 – Indigo Mound, 2007

November 19 – Cypress Cove, 2008

November 25 – Bonnie Moor, 2009

November 26 – Monument Valley, 2010

The fun is now a little more than a week away, and it will all be happening on the Daily Contest. See you there.


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