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More Information on the Game Perfect For the Train; A Look at What's Ahead

Golden Tee Mobile is an awesome thing that exists. We’ve talked about it. You’ve seen the pictures—more below. Maybe you’ve even heard that we’re testing in Canada now on Android and Amazon devices. The Apple version is maybe a week or two away.

We’re getting close to a worldwide launch, which will happen later this year.

As part of this “getting close” theme, Polygon just posted a feature on Golden Tee Mobile. Included in this piece—which you really should read—are some details about how the game feels, why it should play a lot like the Golden Tee you know and what went into getting it right. Oh, a lot went into getting Golden Tee Mobile to feel like Golden Tee.

It absolutely has to (and it does).

It’s 100 percent worth your time, and we cannot wait to get the game in your hands soon. Visit for more information and stay tuned to LIVEWIRE for much, much more.


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