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Golden Tee's Registration and Check-In is Changing in 2016; Here's What You Need to Know

Big changes in Golden Tee 2016 are not limited to new menu screens, control panel and marquee.  The registration process – headlined by the exciting and game-changing addition of the keypad – is about to change your virtual-golfing world for the better.

Soon you will be able to identify yourself without using a Golden Tee card, thanks to cardless entry.  And because you can now add money to your Player Account with your GT Caddy app, you’ll be able to compete on your local cabinet without reaching for your wallet.  We'll have much more on the keypad soon, but for now we want to get you ready for launch.

As part of these exciting new advancements, we are asking all Golden Tee players to verify their email addresses prior to the release of Golden Tee 2016.  This verification will make sure your account is ready to go as we move toward these new sign-in methods.  Verifying your account now will guarantee uninterrupted access and reduce the hassle once GT 2016 hits the streets.

Have no fear, friend. You have ample time to complete this simple process.  The first of a handful of email reminders will be sent this week with simple links and instructions.  The process will only take a few minutes to complete, so watch for it in your inbox soon.   And that’s not all.  If you complete the process before October 1, you will receive a dozen new virtual golf balls—six of each new ball in 2016. Not too shabby.

Don’t wait! Some Prize Play features on Golden Tee 2016 may not be available to you until you verify your email address!

Save time and trouble by doing it soon, and get free virtual balls for the effort. If you already have a web account, simply verify your email and you’re good to go. You will also be able to create a Cardless Entry ID and a numeric pin.

Look for the email this week and reminders in the weeks to follow.

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