The Open Has Closed
Recapping Our First-Ever Callaway GT Home Edition Event

The Callaway June Open quickly became the Callaway July Open, and the contest morphed from a weekly event to a one-game contest for magnificent prizes. We’ll get to that momentarily, but first, we must say thanks and discuss some staggering, magnificent numbers.

Our first Golden Tee Home Edition Callaway Tour event was a smashing success. Your passion was evident in the form of a few glorious numbers. In the month of June—when we qualified five players per week—almost 21,000 games of Golden Tee were started. By comparisons, 4,200 games were started in May. During June, 1,058 holes-in-one were hit. During May, we saw less than 200.

My goodness; you guys like to compete. And you really, really like Golden Tee.

I cannot thank the passionate Golden Tee Home Edition owners enough—even while they asked for answers, scores and updates at all hours, doing so nearly every day. It was clear that you cared, and as a result, there will be many more events to come.

This much is certain. Keep your golf games in order as a result.

As for the final event, the 20 players that qualified each played one game—no do-overs, no mulligans—on Rocky Hollow. The setup, according to those involved, was slightly more difficult than usual. But the scoring, even with that considered, was still excellent.

Your winner was none other than Missouri’s Dustin Hoehn, who will be able to use his new Callaway driver on the real links where he also has some game. His -27 was tops overall.

Tony Johnson finished second, just one stroke behind, while Scott Petersen and Brian Spisak matched Johnson’s -26 with less Great Shot Points. Brian Holt rounded out the top five with his -25 with Great Shot Points.

Your final leaderboard was as follows.

With that, our first-ever Callaway event has come to a close. If you were included in the leaderboard above, your Callaway item—as outlined below—will be mailed out shortly.

1st) Callaway XR Driver

2nd) Odyssey Works Putter

3rd) Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Wedge

4th-10th) Box of Callaway Chrome Golf Balls

11th-15th) Callaway Golf Towel

16th-20th) Callaway Hat

Thank you again for everyone who participated. This was an incredible debut to a series of events that will continue on. We will have many more exciting events to come and many more Callaway items to win.

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