Time to Go to Work
The Submission Period Has Ended; First DAH Finalist Revealed on Monday!

Now it’s time for the judges to go to work. Now it's time for history to be made.

The submission period of the 2016 Design-a-Hole Contest is complete, and the turnout was the largest in the contest’s history. Well over 150 designs were submitted, and one of these ideas will eventually be chosen to be in GT 2016.

Before we get there, here’s a timeline of what you can expect over the next few weeks.

Our judges will spend the rest of the week looking over all of the submissions—dissecting each aspect of each design, breaking out the ruler and discussing which holes would best fit in the game. Eventually, once each submission has been looked over, they will narrow down a large group to a much smaller group of finalists.

In past years we’ve narrowed it down to 10, although we’re not stuck on this number. It could be more; it could be less. It all depends on the next few days.

Once the finalist field is set, we will begin revealing one finalist each day until we get through each and every one. That process will begin next Monday—April 27. We will post the featured hole on, the Golden Tee Twitter feed on the Golden Tee Facebook Page.

At this point, your influence will be crucial. While the judges will ultimately have the final say, they’ll be looking closely at the feedback that comes with each release.

What do you like? What could be changed? Why do you like it?

Once all designs have been shown, the judges will then meet again and narrow it down once more—likely to two or three designs. At that point, after one more round of your input, a Design-a-Hole champion will be crowned.

Our winner will walk away with Golden Tee immorality—a place in 2016. Plus, he or she will win their very own Golden Tee Home Edition.

Those are the stakes, and we take it very seriously (well, as seriously as one can take a virtual golf hole contest). It’s why hours upon hours will be put in over the next few days by many people.

The next step is upon us. Stay tuned.

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