Classic Course of the Week Launches Monday!
Prize Play's Latest Addition is Coming, and We Start on Bonnie Moor!

Starting Monday, Prize Play will never be the same. For the first time in the history of Golden Tee LIVE, the course lineup is getting an addition.

Well, it’s getting plenty of them, actually.

On March 30, Classic Course of the Week will go LIVE. Each Monday a new Classic Course will be tossed into your Prize Play lineup. It will act just like any other course—50-man contests with the same stakes you’re accustomed to. It will look and feel like normal Prize Play because that’s precisely what it is.

The following Monday, however, a new course will be thrown into the mix.

To celebrate the launch, we’re starting in spectacular fashion. Bonnie Moor, the most popular Golden Tee course ever made, will be the first course to enjoy the spotlight.

Oh, what a week of scoring it will be. If you’ve been waiting to play Bonnie Moor for something more than going for your all-time best score—and this is an 18-hole creation that has been known to do that—now you have that chance.

Give it a try. Head to your local Golden Tee 2015 game on Monday and give Bonnie Moor spin. You’ll be able to do just that all week. Then, the following Monday, a new Classic Course will take over.

Welcome to a new era of LIVE.

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