Keeping Up With the Madness
The Birdies or Better Tournament is Off and Running! Plus, HUGE Savings!

March Madness is already living up to its names. The interest in the Golden Tee Home Edition—with both the sale and the exclusive monthly contest—is off to a fast start.

If you don’t currently own a Golden Tee Home Edition, you can get one this month sent to you with free shipping. You’ll also receive a special mysterious gift pack, which is both awesome and mysterious.

Contact us for more information on the game and what’s included.

For those of you competing in the March Madness tournament, keep up the fantastic work. The 25 players with the most birdies or better on their Home Editions this month will walk away with prizes. Also, if you play 25 games on your Home Edition, you will automatically be eligible to receive a FREE Golden Tee 2016 update. We will raffle two off in early April, but again, you must have 25 LIVE games played on your Golden Tee account.

For a full rundown of rules and prizes, check out our official rules page.

As for an update on the standings, here we are. We are off to a roaring start, and there is still a long way to go.

The sale and contest will last through the end of March.

Own a game? Be sure to knock in those birdies or better and be sure to complete 25 games.

Want a game? Visit or contact us for more information including pricing options.

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