Course Caddies: Sparkling Waters No. 5
Design Your Own Path on the Design-a-Hole

This year’s breakdowns now include video of each hole being played, although your feedback is most appreciated on these designs. How do you play? Share your strategy or Golden Tee Great Shots in the comments below.

All holes will then be available for reference on the Course Caddies page—a bookmark must for the entire encyclopedia! Enjoy, and stay tuned for plenty more.


Sparkling Waters No. 5

Welcome to Bear Valley, a drivable par-4 and a creation courtesy of Tony Snow.

This year’s Design-a-Hole champion has multiple ways to get to the green, which is the largest putting surface you’ll find in 2015. Getting to the shortest cut of grass, however, will require you to go left or right behind the giant mound placed directly in front of the tee box.

Your path to the pin will be dictated by your tee placement and—more importantly—where the pin is located. A pin on the right side of the bean-like green will likely result in a right-to-left trip; a pin on the left side will require the opposite strategy. The shots for these setups, however, are very different.

A pin on the right side will require a rather severe cut in order to get past the mound and onto the green. Obviously your first, second and third order of business should be to stay dry. Your next order of business should be to end up with a putt, even if it’s relatively lengthy.

Please also factor in what spin will do with this type of shot. Backspin will have your ball moving hard to the left once it lands. Bite, in most instances, might be your best option.

A left pin will be a more complicated shot, and the use of a high tee to get over the trees guarding the green will likely be a vital tool is deciding on this path. A high-teed 5-wood is the ideal club in this instance, although most fairway woods will do.

The big issue here is managing distance, especially in tougher conditions. It can be easier said than done, although it can be done.


Disclaimer: Some of the setups you’ll see on this hole will be incredibly difficult. The distance between tee box and green—in some instances—may warrant a layup. There’s nothing wrong with that on occasion.

Tip your cap to Tony Snow, take your birdie and move on.

How do you play?

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