The Most Important 2015 Image. Period.
Because Golden Tee is So Much Better When You Dress as Your Character

Technically, we don’t have a horse head… yet. But if you’re willing to somehow take away with the image above with an unnecessary technicality, then we can’t be friends. Horse head, donkey head, whatever, let’s give credit where it’s most certainly due.

The launch of Golden Tee 2015 has brought an enormous burst of energy to our various social media outlets. That’s where this picture comes in, and it was sent to us to Brett B on the Golden Tee Facebook Page.

It’s easy to focus in on the horse head and stop there. But by doing so, you lose out on the fact that Brett B—or whoever is being featured in his post next to his 2015 cabinet—just so happens to have the red shirt from his golfer equipped as well.

This is art, there is no other way to shape it. This is the most important photo you will see all year and you should share this with everyone you know and even some you don’t.

Life will never be the same.

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